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Safety has always been our prime concern. For this reason OCEAN Rhino Helmet has been created in order to meet the needs of extreme and water sports lovers, including; rafting, kayaking, stand-up paddling, canoeing and other nautical sports.

Rhino helmet will protect you during the most instense watersports activities. Full-face helmet covers all the head with the minimum weight.

With a fantastic water drenage system, Rhino helmet does not allow to the water go in and transport it out through transversal channels. This, in combination with dual-density closed cell foam liner that does not absorb water, we get offer highest performance.

With an adjustable harness system for fast and easy fit.

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black bull helmet ideal for watersports



OCEAN Bull helmet is specially designed for water sports and extreme sports, in order to provide maximum protection, so what you only have to worry about enjoying your favorite sport.

It has a drainage system. Whith this system we don’t allow to the water go in and transport out the water fast with our chanels and transversal holes and without pull you. With its removable earpads, for those warmer days together with the water drainage system, you will get an absolute security and comfort.

The liner of the Bull: Full surround interior EVA foam providing maximum comfort. Four strips fitting system(SFS) which provides adjustability to fit various head sizes. Lightweight and resistant at the same time.

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Dolphin black helmet for watersports



Dolphin by OCEAN. This amazing helmet has been specially designed for water sports and extreme sports and it´s incredibly comfortable.

Its unique fitting system provides an incredibly snug comfortable suction cap fit idea for punching through waves. Thanks to its drenage system you never have to worry about the annoyance of the water inside the helmet. This system avoid water go in and transport out the water fast with our transversal channels.

Adjustable audio vents allow further flexibility to shut out the cold wind or open to improve hearing. Liner with Full surround interior EVA for total protection and comfort. Extremely lightweight. You will forget that you are wearing one!

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Ocean helmets for watersports are specially designed to protect you from sharp falls and posible strokes while you are practicing rafting, kayaking, SUP, kiteboarding or canoeing. Our three models of helmets are available in different colors (black, yellow, Green, White…) and they are made of the best materials in the market.

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