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Photochromic lenses and sunglasses, the appropriate items to enjoy a sunny day preventing your eyes from being damaged

How are they useful?

Photochromic lenses are a kind of lenses which are going to be darkened due to their exposure to light. At the moment when they come into contact with light, the lenses turn into dark sunglasses which protect their sight. However, if light disappears these lenses will become clear again by means of a gradual change.

What are they made of?

This sort of lenses are mainly made of glass, although they also can be made of polycarbonate or even plastic. The resistant materials allow the consumer to practice any kind of sport without having to be worried about breaking them. Also, these materials can come in various tints which use to be grey or brown, among others, in a great variety of different designs.

How do they work?

Millions of molecules are contained in photochromic lenses, and these molecules are capable of changing their current appearance, becoming darker by the ultraviolet radiation produced by sun. At this point they work as sunglasses. On the contrary, if they are not exposed to ultraviolet light they continue to be transparent and any change takes place. So, when they are darkened, they can have their natural appearance again if the intensity of UV starts to change, becoming completely transparent with the absence of sunlight. With regard to photochromic sunglasses, it is important to take into account that they have been designed for outdoor use and they are not as clear as the previous lenses are. In addition, they are able to provide comfort in sunny days and besides they are pretty useful when driving.

Benefits of photochromic lenses

Photochromic lenses are considered to be a good option for consumers, since they also have medical applications. They can enhance the vision of people who use to have different eye pathologies, for example, macular degeneration.

To conclude, these lenses offer the appropriate protection depending on the different light conditions. They are able to absorb about 100% of UV rays which can damage people´s eyes. For these reasons, they are excellent for people who like practising any kind of sport, being exposed to the sun, since their eyes are going to be protected all the time.


photochromic sunglasses technology

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Aspen Goggles snow ski



Aspen photocromic polarized ski goggles features classic lines that emphasize pure functional performance and a seamless fit. Aspen’s polarized lens with the ATOM system will protect you from the hardest UVA rays. The dual spherical lens anti fog of these photocromic polarized ski goggles help to prevent fogging. Ski completely safe with the cool Aspen. The dual lens of these photocromic polarized ski goggles filters 100% of harmful UV, and features durable coatings that resist fogging and scratches.

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Mc Kinley Goggles snow ski



Mc Kinley snow goggles are engineered in such a way that we are sure they will exceed all your expectations. The dual spherical lens with anti-fog system of these snow goggles offers a wide panoramic vision and a high optic performance thanks to the photochromic lens. Mc Kinley snow goggles have the most versatile lens designed to adjust automatically to all light conditions. The three layer foam of these snow goggles will keep your face warm and you will feel them incredibly comfy. Thanks to their high quality photochromatic lens and anti-reflective technology, Mc Kinley snow goggles provides 100% UV protection.

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Cervino googles green revo lens



The perfect vision starts with the perfect goggles. Cervino photochromic snow goggles embodies that spirit providing a dual spherical lens anti fog with a big field of view. They offer a better optical clarity and an adjustable fit system to relieve pressure points. Cervino photochromic snow goggles provide 100% UV protection together with anti-reflective technology giving a maximum adaptability regarding weather and light conditions. Besides, the frame of these photochromic snow goggles is extremely lightweight, made with three layers of foam for a total comfort.

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ironman best cycling sunglasses by OCEAN



If you are into cycling, it´s a must for your equipment the Iron Man model by Ocean Sunglasses. These cycling sunglasses have an aerodynamic line in its design, as well as being surprisingly durable and comfortable.

They feature ventilation holes between the lens and frame that help minimise fogging.

The lenses ensure top notch optical clarity. They wrap around your face to give a perfect coverage and a good peripheral vision and in order to provide maximum adaptability regarding weather conditions when you cycle.

Iron Man also has an Hydrophobic coating-water repellent system. This lenses coating avoid the water leaves streaks and sheens which can obstructs the vision.

Let’s not forget aesthetics… After all, we all like to look good!

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triathlon cycling sport sunglasses lanzarote



Lanzarote by Ocean Sunglasses. Their quality and effectiveness will surprise and impress you. Their deep, curved lens provides widespread coverage, which does an excellent job of protecting your eyes from wind and grit, among others elements.

The wide field of vision is combined with excellent venting thanks to the technical size of the suspended lenses. Thanks to that ventilation the alpine simply never fogs.

LANZAROTE offers maximum adaptability regarding weather conditions providing a UV100% Protection.

The resistant frame with anti-impact protection and Polycarbonate lightweight material offer a perfect fit with a total confort all day long.

Designed sunglasses for those who love cycling, running, Inline Speed Roller Skating, trekking, and others outdoors activities*.

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Iron cycling triathlon polarized sport sunglasses



The Iron by Ocean Sunglasses has been designed for those who love cycling, running, inline speed skating, trekking, among others. The frame lines add an aerodynamic design to the look of these sunglasses for sports performance.

The resistant frame with anti-impact protection and Polycarbonate lightweight material offer a perfect fit with a total confort all day long.

Durable sunglasses for the most demanding athletes, ready for competition. With a great optical performance ensure peripheral vision. The vision is sharp and clear at every angle of view and at any weather circumstances.

Iron lenses protect the eyes against the wind and filter out 100% of all UV rays. With Hydrophobic coating-water repellent. This lenses coating avoid the water leaves streaks and sheens which prevents or obstructs the vision.

*Frames and lenses are available in several colours.

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Alpine best sunglasses for cycling sport



Alpine by Ocean Sunglasses has been designed for outdoor racing enthusiasts and with range of sports in mind, such as: Cycling, running, rambling and general sports use.

Lightweight and flexible frame can be slipped comfortably under a helmet. (Visit our range of helmets). The wide field of vision is combined with excellent venting thanks to the technical size of the suspended lenses. Thanks to that ventilation the alpine simply never fogs.

The coverage is full! Alpine is comfortable and shaped, totally stay in place on your face and never slide or droop. Everything will be extremely clear and highly visible and you won´t be never blinded by glare protecting your eyes from hurt and fatigue if you decide to wear Alpine.

Nose pad is made of quality rubber, anti-slip and comfortable.

Alpine is the perfect answer for anyone with performance as a focus.

*Lenses and frames available in several colors.

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