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Discover the importance of wearing polarized sunglasses while fishing

During the practice of an outdoor sport and in the middle of nature as fishing is, your eyes are usually damaged because of many different reasons. Thats why having some good fishing polarized sunglasses is as important as many other fishing tools as rod, line and depthfinder.

Wearing sunglasses while fishing has several advantages.  Glare is the main reason for wearing polarized sunglasses. Even during partly cloudy days, there can still be an extreme amount of glare coming off the water posed to fisherman that can cause headaches and/or strain on the eyes.

Polarized fishing sunglasses will also help you to improve your fishing skills. They are a great tools to have with you as they allow for a clear view into the water by blocking out all the glare caused by the sun. You can see rocks, weed patches, sunken trees… The increased visual contrast produced by the lenses serves as a valuable tool when when you are on the water.

Enjoy your fishing moment with your perfect fishing polarized sunglasses

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Cyprus fishing floating mate black smoke sunglasses



Fabulous for the watersports fanatics. The CYPRUS of Ocean Sunglasses, offer a UV100% Protection thanks to its polarized lenses with its ATOM system. Coating-water repellent, anti-impact and against sprinklings protection.

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venezia watersports floating blue smoke sunglasses



The VENEZIA By Ocean Sunglasses, are the perfect model to sail the seas. With a wide field of visibility and with its polarized lenses with ATOM system, offer to the water sports lovers a protection and an incomparable calmness against the solar radiation. Coating-Water repellent and anti-impact protection.

Perfect to practice watersports; Kitesurfing, windsurfing, Stand Up Paddle (SUP), sailing …

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The GUADALUPE by OCEAN Sunglasses; It is a comfortable model with a high performance. Its suspended lens, in order to optimize the visibility and polarized with ATOM system, give the best protection and the best vision to be able to practice our favorite watersport, without incurring any risk, assuring this way, an effective protection from the solar radiation.

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antigua floating mate black smoke sunglasses



If you are into watersports it´s a must for your equipment the ANTIGUA model by Ocean Sunglasses. With a very daring line in its design, these sunglasses are perfect for watrersports.

Floating system integrated in the pins, covered with a non-slipping material and a strip around your neck will ensure an absolute securing.

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Bermuda floating shiny black smoke sunglasses SUP



Bermuda are fishing polarized sunglasses designed by Ocean for those nature lovers who enjoy fishing and want to practice it safely and comfortably.

Fishing polarized sunglasses.

Ocean has developed these fishing polarized sunglasses focusing on the most extreme conditions in which these activities are taking place. They have ATOM system polarized lens, which reduce the harmful effect in the eye when the sun reflecting on the sea, and they are floating sunglasses, they do not sin, in water:

- They are called floating sunglasses, thanks to its frame, that keeps on the water surface - It is the finishing touch to this model of fishing polarized sunglasses so popular in the sector. Choose your favorite color and enjoy!

In addition, these fishing polarized sunglasses have a non-slip material and their whiskers have sinking floats. All this means you can go fishing confidence and safety: you will not even feel you are wearing your Ocean!

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aruba sup floating mate red smoke sunglasses



ARUBA are Ocean SUP sunglasses made for those watersports lovers, whether profesionals or amateurs, who enjoy kitesurfing, SUP or sailing, as safely and comfortably as possible.

SUP sunglasses with floating system

Yes, with a floating system integrated in the pins, these SUP sunglasses have different qualities: - They are covered with a non-slipping material and a strip around your neck to ensure an absolute securing - ARUBA are floating sunglasses, due to its frame, which keeps the swhole sunglass on the water surface. This is the finishing touch for this popular SUP Sunglasses model. - Its frame is exceptionally comfortable due to its interior padded that fits perfectly the shape of your face, remaining always the same place, preventing the water in your eyes.

Ocean has developed these SUP sunglasses focusing on the most extreme conditions in which SUP is taking place.

Choose your favourite colour and enjoy your SUP Sunglasses!

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