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Bull Shiny Green

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Most of the helmets used for water sport activities might hurt users neck and jaws when big quantities of water get into the helmet. The pressure and tension between the head of the user and the helmet, because of the water in between, is very dangerous. Ocean Protection helmets WATER DRENAGE SYSTEM (WDS) design, just does not let water enter inside and evacuates fast and easily any little water in. The liner design is so studied thelmet any head independently of its shape or size fist perfectly not letting any space water to enter in the protection helmet.

Five open shaped channels all across and along the shell of the protection helmets make any small water entering inside to be coming out inmediatly not to create any tension in the users head and neck. Each of these 5 lineholes, at their front, do have a small wave which protects the lineholes from the wind, making the evacuation of any water fast, and protects from entering any object in the lineholes.

STRIPS FITTING SYSTEM (STS) There is no head equal in size and shape to other. Ocean protection helmets STS, taylors and personalizes each helmet to its users needs. Four strips ( 2 different thicknesses per strip) allows the user to personalize the protection helmet by putting the strips anywhere needed inside the helmet to adapt the size and shape to the users needes. Two sizes cover all the range of sizes and shapes:

S/M Size : 520 - 565 mm head perimeter.

L/XL Size: 570 - 620 mm head perimeter.

PROGRESS INJECTION MOLECULAR (PIM). Progress injection molecular (PIM) technology make the outside of the shell and the liner of the protection helmet to be harder in the external layers and progressively softer in the medium and internal injection layers. This makes the vibrations due to any crash in the helmet not to reach to the head of the user.

Soft and removable cupping ear guards makes the BULL the optimal election for schools and training centres.
Shell: ABS progress injection molecular (PIM) for high impact.
WDS: Water Drainage System
SFS: Four strips fitting and adjusting system.

PIM: Progress injection molecular system.

Light weight.
Ideal protection equipment for Kitesurfing, kiteboarding, kitefoiling, wingfoiling, windsurfing, surfing, sailing, paddeling, stand up paddeling.